Shit, you're here, so now I've gotta convince you to stay. I cannot stress this enough, I am a little bit mental, the very definition of a "mixed bag". Here, you'll find movies, tv shows, comics, music, cute stuff, serious stuff, funny stuff, stupid stuff, weird stuff, and occasionally some personal stuff. Tumblr isn't my home, but more like an old rustic cabin I sometimes visit, at least until the mosquitos piss me off too much. But just know that, while I am here, we're gonna have a good time, and make love. Deep, deep spiritual love.
Have any cake?

Music tickles my eardrums like the loveliest, cosiest jacket you ever wore in your whole damn life. Corey Taylor is to me what peanut butter is to jam. Perfect.

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 wandering soul[s]

electric spine, open mind.

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do u ever recall what u did as a child and ur just like why the fuck

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there’s nothing more painful than shipping a ship that could so easily be canon and isn’t but there’s like this slight glimmer of hope that it might one day be canon so you keep holding onto that hope but it only causes more pain

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"Maybe you’ve confused us with X-Force. Everyone else does."

X-Factor Annual #8

Game of ThronesBreaker of Chains + Yellow & Blue

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See you on the ice rebel scum

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castiel + human interaction.

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it." Hebrews 13:2



if you mutually follow me and you don’t like me and have been wanting to unfollow me since the end of time dont hold back, you can unfollow me i don’t make a big deal out of unfollows or broken mutual follows it’s just a website it happens

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i just want a deadpool movie

And all that would happen is him jumping through different superhero movies. Interacting with the others and annoying them mercilessly

i’d pay for tickets for that. i’d fund that directly


dress for the job you want, not the job you have. show up to your day job at mcdonalds in a spacesuit. who the fuck’s gonna stop the mcastronaut

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treat me like a college textbook. spend lots of money on me but never touch or look at me

no. treat me like your favorite book. keep me by your side, touch my every page, learn all my twists and turns, remember every word I say, even the ones that make you cry

*4-second-long fart noise*

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